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Our recommendations

Saint Martin's Day

08.11. - 10.11.2019 St. Martin is the patron saint of Szombathely with a church dedicated to him. Around his name there is a lot of legendary material and he has become one of the most familiar Christian saints. 

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Book Saloon of Győr

15.11. - 17.11. 2019 Everything about books and literature.

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St Martin’s Days in Bratislava

11/09/2019 - 11/11/2019 Traditional celebration of the feast of St Martin, the patron saint of Bratislava

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Martiniloben Gols

11/09/2018 - 11/11/2019 Wine tasting on the highest level can be experienced in the Lutheran town center of Gols.

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Water Wheel driven Mill in Tomášikovo

The water mill from 1895 is located in beautiful natural surroundings on the bank of the Little Danube.

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The Moravian Museum – Dietrichstein Palace

The Moravian Museum is the second biggest and also the second oldest museum in the Czech Republic – it was founded in 1817.

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Tips for trips

Around Lake Neusiedl

A trip in the south-western part of the Lake Neusiedl area on both. Austrian and Hungarian sides of the border.

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Through the Thayatal National Park

A trip along the canyon of the Thaya River – for cyclists

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Baťa Canal Cruise

Cross-border waterway ideal for a weekend cruise on a motor boat.

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Trnava Circuit

Trnava tour associated with a bicycle trip in the Little Carpathians Protected Landscape Area. 

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Bicycle trip from Bratislava over the Freedom Cycling Bridge

A sightseeing bike trip along Devín Castle, to Schloss Hof over the new cross-border Freedom Cycling Bridge.

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Bicycle Trip: Nezider Lake – south

Due to minimal superelevation and a very good surface, the Nezider cycling route is extremely suitable for families.

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