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Our recommendations

TEAM UP, prove yourself

Team Up is an original entertainment concept developed in Bratislava.

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Church of St. George (Ják)

Thanks to its location on a mound in the middle of town the three-naved Romanesque church of St. George built in the 13th century dominates over the wide surrounding area.

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Until 1918, the Hofburg was the center of the gigantic Habsburg empire. 

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Industrial Railway Museum in Zbýšov

The Industrial Railway Museum is located in the heart of the former Rosice-Oslavany Coalfield, directly under the mining tower of the former Henry II Mine.

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Manor house in Dolná Krupá

Dolná Krupá was the house where the famous composer Ludwig van Beethoven composed his best-known piano work – Moonlight Sonata.

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Fabricius House

One of the most interesting features of the building is the Roman bath discovered by archeologists in the basement of the building

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Tips for trips

Baťa Canal Cruise

Cross-border waterway ideal for a weekend cruise on a motor boat.

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Trnava Circuit

Trnava tour associated with a bicycle trip in the Little Carpathians Protected Landscape Area. 

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Bicycle trip from Bratislava over the Freedom Cycling Bridge

A sightseeing bike trip along Devín Castle, to Schloss Hof over the new cross-border Freedom Cycling Bridge.

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Bicycle Trip: Nezider Lake – south

Due to minimal superelevation and a very good surface, the Nezider cycling route is extremely suitable for families.

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Along the royal Liechtenstein Route

A relaxing ride through the Lednice-Valtice region offers a view of a landscape included on the UNESCO World Heritage List due to its unique value.

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Along the Morava River

Several-day biking trip along the Morava River for active bikers

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