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About the Project

Do you have a few days off and feel like going on a trip?
Are you a passionate biker who would like to try a new biking route?
Are you looking for an interesting attraction or weekend program for your children?

The answers to your questions can be found in your language at our tourist website.

Plan a perfect trip and feel at home even with neighbors. The Central European Centrope region is formed by eight countries, regions, and counties in Slovakia, Austria, Hungary, and the Czech Republic.

CentropeApproximately six and a half million inhabitants live here. The region offers a big number of landmarks, bearing witness to the centuries of shared history, as well as excellent museums, galleries, attractive cultural events, and festivals. In combination with beautiful nature and opportunities for sport and recreation, the Centrope region is perfect for weekend family trips or active holidays, just a few dozen kilometers from your home.

The project’s aim is to provide Centrope inhabitants and visitors with as much information about leisure time opportunities in their native language as possible. Displaying attractions on the map enables you to discover new experiences in the whole region, not just in its metropolitan areas. Cycling routes and trips connect attractive places, offering a lot of ideas for planning a program.

The android application provides information on your location and the location of attractive spots and cycling routes. Thus you can read information about interesting places right at the place. On you will find: descriptions of 40 cycling routes  including their length, degree of difficulty, and prevailing surface; 60 attractive cultural and leisure time events , which you can search by date, type, and whether they’re free or suitable for children. Every decision where to go on a trip is facilitated by the offer of almost 160 landmarks and attractive places tl_files/tourcentrope/images/icons/poi.png, among which are landmarks inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, excellent museums and galleries, unique structures and churches, in addition to rare natural parks and curiosities that make the Centrope region such a singular and colorful place.

The offer is continuously growing and being updated, so you will always find new tips for trips and leisure time activities.