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Our recommendations

Kids’ Festival – Kids’ Olympic Games

27.06. - 30.06.2019 From year to year, on the first weekend of July, fairies with golden hair arrive in the city of the four rivers, and they change it with their magic wands for two and a half days, into a playground; an empire of kids. 

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Sopron Arts Festival – Soproni Ünnepi Hetek

09.07. - 14.07.2019  The Sopron Arts Festival is an artistic event in Sopron with more than a fifty-year tradition, that is famous for its extremely rich program.

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Viva Musica! festival

28.6.-22.8.2019 Every year Viva Musica! festival brings to its visitors exclusive music projects performed by top local and world artists, as well as concerts full of spontaneous entertainment, with no ties ad so called „noble“ boredom that the people

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Strážnice International Folklore Festival

27.06. - 30.06.2019 Audiences and the dozens of participating folklore ensembles and groups alike enjoy the beauty of folk song and dance, admire folk costumes and customs and are carried away on the wave of folk traditions presented by Czech and fore

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Festival VOLT

26.06. - 29.06.2019 Since 1993 the VOLT Festival in Sopron has been organised regularly every summer.

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Water Wheel driven Mill in Tomášikovo

The water mill from 1895 is located in beautiful natural surroundings on the bank of the Little Danube.

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Tips for trips

Around Lake Neusiedl

A trip in the south-western part of the Lake Neusiedl area on both. Austrian and Hungarian sides of the border.

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Through the Thayatal National Park

A trip along the canyon of the Thaya River – for cyclists

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Baťa Canal Cruise

Cross-border waterway ideal for a weekend cruise on a motor boat.

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Trnava Circuit

Trnava tour associated with a bicycle trip in the Little Carpathians Protected Landscape Area. 

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Bicycle trip from Bratislava over the Freedom Cycling Bridge

A sightseeing bike trip along Devín Castle, to Schloss Hof over the new cross-border Freedom Cycling Bridge.

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Bicycle Trip: Nezider Lake – south

Due to minimal superelevation and a very good surface, the Nezider cycling route is extremely suitable for families.

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