We’re preparing a new category called “Traditions”

For the “Traditions” category we’re preparing the following features:

Culture: The Centrope Region breathes the history of old royal families who left magnificent mansions and castles here. Now they’re used as the centres and galleries of a unique culture. All the towns in the region live culturally. Throughout the entire year, you will find a wide offer of cultural events, modern art, and folk traditions here.

Folklore: Beautiful folk costumes, ancient customs, and forgotten crafts regularly come to life at various celebrations.

Gastronomy: The original regional gastronomy formed thanks to a colourful range of folk traditions.
The Centrope region is also unique due to the “Central European flavours” that will delight every visitor. The atmosphere of excellent wine cellars, the smell of cafeterias with typical strudels, and traditional gastronomic specialties in high-quality restaurants will give you an experience you’ll never forget.

Wine: In the Centrope Region, you’ll find wines of many flavours and aromas: white, red, light and full, dry and semi-dry. Wine here is associated with big celebrations. The greatest celebration of wine is the wine festival. Wine in CENTROPE is celebrated, blessed, talked and sung about…and especially, tasted.

Local Specialties: Wine is associated with the golden-baked Martin goose. In winter, a traditional butchering party belongs among the gastronomic attractions. In contrast, the urban atmosphere is dominated by the coffee and various goods from the local confectioneries. Perhaps the most famous is the delicious Apfelstrudel (apple strudel), but have you ever tasted the Bratislava rolls and apricot dumplings?

Christmas Market: The market attracts visitors during Advent time with its specialties and unmistakeable atmosphere. It’s in the Centrope region where you’ll experience one of the most beautiful Christmas markets in Europe.

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