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Test Obrazok

Centrope at the Slovakiatour 2014 Tourism Fair

From 30.01 – 02.02.2014 we promoted the Toucentrope tourism portal at the international tourism fair.

We’re preparing a new category called “Traditions”

For the “Traditions” category we’re preparing the areas of Culture, Folklore, Gastronomy, Wine, Local Specialities, and the Christmas Market.

We have gained support from foreign partners

14 towns and regions have participated in the project during 2013.

Test Obrazok

Banner campaign on partner websites continues

Currently, the banner campaign is running with the support of the articles on our partners’ websites.

Ceremonial launching of the Tourcentrope application

The introduction of the fully-operational Tourcentrope application was part of the symposium organized by Slovenský Dom Centrope at the Dolphin Hotel in Senec.