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Carnuntum Archaeological Park

Carnuntum, the city of emperors, has been born again. Globally, the reconstruction of the major architectural types of the Roman urban district in Carnuntum was unique in its historical context

Marianka, the Slovak oldest pilgrimage town

Marianka is the oldest pilgrimage place in Slovakia. It is a part of the international Marian route Mariazell-Czenstochowa and is situated at the foot of Malé Karpaty mountain range.

Water Wheel driven Mill in Tomášikovo

The water mill from 1895 is located in beautiful natural surroundings on the bank of the Little Danube. The turning from the main road to the mill is directly in the village.

The longest study path through Morava floodplain

The longest study path in Slovakia is found at the confluence of Morava and Danube rivers in Devín and it is 80 km long. 

Driny Cave The subterranean pearl of the Little Carpathians

The subterranean pearl of the Little Carpathians
Driny Cave is the only cave in western Slovakia that is open to the public and one of the main tourist attractions of the Little Carpathians. Although it is not Slovakia’s largest or most richly decorated cave, it has many bats that fly above visitors’ heads during the 30-minute tour. The cave features a system of relatively narrow fissure passages with beautiful dripstone decoration.