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Around Lake Neusiedl

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A trip in the south-western part of the Lake Neusiedl area on both. Austrian and Hungarian sides of the border.

Route: Eisenstadt – Rust – Fertőrákos - Sopron

Recommendation: One-day trip by car

Lenght: 35km 

We will start our trip in the city of Eisenstadt,   which is the centre of the Austrian Bundesland of Burgenland.  In the past, it was the seat of the major Hungarian House of Esterhazy. The visit to the Esterhazy baroque Castle should definitely be not skipped. In the past, the unique atmosphere of the Castle inspired also composer Joseph Haydn who had spent there more than 40 years. The music hall named after him is one of the world´s most beautiful and best music halls in terms of acoustics. The Haydn House also located in Eisenstadt is worth a visit too. The former house of this prominent musician and composer is now turned into a museum. The original items and furniture from the time of Haydn give you a nice picture of the period style of living.

Leaving Eisenstadt, we will head for a picturesque town of Rust, which is approximately 15 km from Eisenstadt. This little town attracts a number of tourists by its charming atmosphere. You will feel there a breath of history combined with the magic of country side and wine production. As Rust lies at Lake Neusiedl, you can rent a boat there and spend your time relaxing on the water. Rust features a real uniqueness – it is known as a town of storks. In Rust, stork nests can be seen on almost every other chimney. In the vicinity of Rust, is another place worth a visit – the popular Familypark. It offers numerous attractions for all ages in a park area of more than 140 000 m². The attractions include a number of water games, climbing frames, horse riding attractions, experience zones etc.. If you prefer peace, you will certainly find the rest by walking through the nearby forest or in the petting ZOO.

From Rust, we will head south to the Hungarian town of Sopron. On the way to Sopron, the lovers of nature and history can make a stop at the quarry  of Fertőrákos. The open-air museum, which is part of the region of Fertő/Neusiedlersee Cultural Landscape included on the UNESCO´s  World Heritage list, enables us to admire wonders of nature and environment created by people. The lookout from the quarry offers a magnificent view of the vast water surface of Lake Fertős/Neusiedl. From there, a nature trail, presenting the gems of fauna and flora, will take us to the Pane-European Monument. In Sopron, the visitors have to choose from a really rich range of sights and attractions interesting for tourists. Let´s mention just some of them: Forum Scarbantia, which is the original Roman name of the town, showing the remains of the Roman architecture; Firewatch Tower from the 17th century; Goat Church, which is one of the most magnificent works of the Hungarian gothic architecture, and many other  sights and museums presenting the history of the town and the whole region. In Sopron, you will definitely not go hungry. The historical centre boasts a number of restaurants with good food.


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