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Bicycle Trip: Nezider Lake – south

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Due to minimal superelevation and a very good surface, the Nezider cycling route is extremely suitable for families.

Route tracking: Illmitz – Pamhagen – Fertőd – Fertőszéplak – Nagycenk – Šopron – Fertőrákos – Morbisch Am See – lllmitz
Recommendation: For this trip you will need a few days free.
Length: 94 km - 135 km
Difficulty: Easy
Surface: Asphalt

One-day trip – even for small children

This bicycle trip  begins in the Austrian town of Illmitz. In its vincinity lies the beautiful Nezider Lake - Seewinkel National Park . Many species of birds use this place as the midway point of their Euro-African migration. After the tour there, continue along the Salt Lakes  towards Apetlon. From there, go back to Illmitz, where the trip ends.

VSeveral-day trip for active bikers who like to discover new places

This bicycle trip  begins in Illmitz, continues through Nezider Lake - Seewinkel National Park , along the Salt Lakes  towards the town of Apetlon. We also recommend visiting the Hungarian Fertő-Hanság  National Park, where you can see steppe animals.

Then continue onto the Hungarian side towards Fertőd. There you can visit the baroque  Esterházy mansion , also known as “the Hungarian Versailles.” The route then leads through Fertőszéplak, with the the etnographic open-air museum  at its historical center. After that, head through Hidegség, close to which is the Széchényi mausoleum  near Nagycenk. This place is considered to be the holiest shrine in Hungary.

This trip continues towards the beautiful and historically rich town of Sopron. At its center, you can visit the Central Mining Museum , containing the largest Hungarian mining collection, and the Forestry Musem tl_files/tourcentrope/images/icons/poi.png with more than 100-year-old apparatuses used for geodetic and cartographic purposes.

You can also visit religious landmarks: the Gothic Goat Church and Chapter House  from the 13th century.
In the historical center, there’s The Firewatch Tower tl_files/tourcentrope/images/icons/poi.png, which is a symbol of loyalty, also from the 13th century, and Fabrizio’s House tl_files/tourcentrope/images/icons/poi.png, with Roman bath excavations.

You can also see the Lutheran Church, a collection of The National Lutheran Museum tl_files/tourcentrope/images/icons/poi.png, and a renovated synagogue tl_files/tourcentrope/images/icons/poi.png. The Scarbantia Forum  documenting the Roman Period in the town is a very informative exhibition. Near the town center, there is the unique Bakery Museum .

After that, the route leads 6.3 km to Fertőrákos, where you shouldn’t miss the local stone-quarry tl_files/tourcentrope/images/icons/poi.png. This unique open-air museum is included on the UNESCO World Heritage List. After crossing the Austrian border, continue 3.6 km to Morbisch Am See, famous for its wide range of musical performances. Here you can take a bicycle ferry which will take you to your final destination – Illmitz. The trip ends here.


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