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Trnava Circuit

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Trnava tour associated with a bicycle trip in the Little Carpathians Protected Landscape Area.

Route tracking: Trnava – Dolná Krupá – Horná Krupá – Prekážka – Cerová – Suchánka – Dobrá Voda – Výtok – Chtelnica – Nižná – Kátlovce – Radošovce – Malženice – Trnava
Recommendation: All-day trip for active bikers.
Length: 73 km
Difficulty: Medium
Surface: Asphalt

This trip  begins in Trnava, a town called “Little Rome” with a lot of historical and cultural value. For example, there is the oldest building of the Trnava municipality from the turn of the 15th century, Trnava Town Hall tl_files/tourcentrope/images/icons/castle.png, a Renaissance town lookout tower tl_files/tourcentrope/images/icons/castle.png, brick fortification bounding  tl_files/tourcentrope/images/icons/castle.png the historical center, and the St. John the Baptist Cathedral tl_files/tourcentrope/images/icons/castle.png. Saint Nicolas’ Church tl_files/tourcentrope/images/icons/castle.png is the town’s dominating structure. A former synagogue tl_files/tourcentrope/images/icons/castle.pngis now a cultural center. You can also visit the Ján Koniarek Gallery , specializing in the work of artists from the Trnava region, and the Western Slovak Museum  in Trnava. In good weather, test your skills at the outdoor rope center .

After the Trnava tour, go to Dolná Krupá, where you can see a unique classical mansion with an English garden, and the rococo Beethoven pavilion with a Music Museum exhibition. After Dolná Krupá, go through Horná Krupá. Towards Prekážka, the route leads through forest terrain. Then another 29 km along the Cerová and Suchánka gamekeeper houses to Dobrá Voda, near which are the ruins of the Dobrá Voda fortress tl_files/tourcentrope/images/icons/castle.png. From there, the route continues to the Výtok recreation center. You will come across an occasional wellspring. The road starts descending to Chtelnica, continuing another 25 km across the Trnava Plain and back to Trnava through Nižná, Kátlovce, Radošovce, and Malženice.


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